Supporting the Iranian Revolution

Dear compatriots,

The Iranian national revolution, whose slogan is "woman, life, freedom", aims to take back Iran from the Islamic regime. It marks a brilliant new chapter for Iran and the world. This ground-breaking revolution, initiated by courageous women and bold men, is a harbinger of a free future, free from oppression and discrimination. In support of the national revolution, we, as a group of activists, are united in working together on the following principles

  • The overthrow of the "Islamic Republic" for the establishment of liberal democracy;
  • National solidarity, territorial integrity and stability in Iran.
  • The establishment of a democratic system in the future by popular vote.
  • Separation of religion from the government and all governmental institutions.
  • Respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and equal rights for citizens regardless of their beliefs, gender, ethnicity, language and sexual orientation.
  • In this context, we will do our utmost to :

  • Echo the revolutionary voice of the Iranian nation and give it global support.
  • Isolate the Islamic regime and its affiliates internationally.
  • Identify and help meet the needs of fighters inside the country.
  • Cooperate with all pro-democratic forces in the victory of the revolution to maintain the stability and security of the country and guarantee the rights, basic needs and freedoms of the Iranian people after the overthrow of the "Islamic Republic".
  • Women, Life, Freedom

    Long live Iran